Construction and Engineering Contracts Consultants

Providing Advice and Services to the Following Industry Sectors
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Oil and Gas
  • Contractual Advice and Contract Drafting
  • Procurement
  • Quantity Surveying & Contract Administration
  • Planning/Scheduling
  • Claims Preparation and Defense
  • Expert Witness Reports and Litigation Support
  • Dispute Resolution Advices and Management

Company Specialisms

Commercial Management, Quantity Surveying and Contract Administration

For any successful project, it is essential to manage and record costs so that the Client does not suffer a 'financial shock' close to completion. We first assist the Client to ensure that proper consideration is given to the many procurement options available and we provide specialist expertise in the drafting of contracts and tender documentation to augment the type and form of contract chosen. We ensure that proper contractual and commercial administration procedures are implemented to achieve the agreed contract budget and program and that all measures are taken early so that disputes can be avoided.

Where a project may already be adversely suffering from a cost or time overrun, we can audit the project and identify where the additional costs and/or time overruns have occurred along with the liabilities.

We offer a full range of quantity surveying services from design through to final account including value-engineering solutions whereby various design and construction options are considered in order to provide better value within the original budget.

During the construction process, we provide an onsite monitoring service whereby all matters such as delays and disruptions are recorded and quantified and the required contractual correspondence is drafted on behalf of the Client, in order to protect their position and avoid the possibility of costly disputes. Upon project completion the final account is normally prepared on behalf of the Client, in order to achieve timely payment.

Project Planning/Scheduling

We provide planning expertise in order to mitigate possible delays to project completion and where a project is already in delay we can assist by preparing baseline programs and actual status programs in order to identify where the delays have occurred and the liability.


Good procurement is at the heart of a successful project. Our team can assist by managing the complete procurement process from start to finish and ensure that the client’s requirements are met. We have experience with many types of procurement processes, including EU procurement rules, PPP routes, traditional routes and in managing procurement processes in both the public and private sectors, for private clients and the public sector, in the UK and internationally. We assist clients by taking responsibility for meeting deadlines, for ensuring that the bidding authority’s requirements are attained and for quality assuring the quality of the submission.

How we can help;
  • Assist the Client to choose the most suitable procurement strategy.
  • Advise on alternative procurement methods and provide risks assessments.
  • Act as bid manager to ensure deadlines and submission dates are met by both the team members and for the overall submission.
  • Prepare the tender documentation including prequalification questionnaires.
  • Tender review and evaluation with the client design team.
  • Assist with drafting contractual agreements for consultants, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Claims Preparation and Defense

    Our focus is to proactively avoid a formal dispute if possible, by providing correct and timely advice. We provide experienced expert forensic staff to record all delays and disruptions to the project, and these are then quantified at agreed intervals to allow the Client to understand their liabilities and/or losses. This system relies on accurate onsite information gathering and then on providing this information to the specialist claims experts to allow the planning and quantum functions to be completed. This allows for the accurate and timely collation of onsite data and avoids the problems encountered by failing to provide information on time or failing to comply with contractual notice provisions, and avoid the consequences of ‘time-bar’ clauses.

    Where litigation or arbitration does occur, we have considerable experience in providing expertise and litigation support to the client's legal team.

    Specialist Mechanical and Electrical Commercial Management

    We offer specialist surveyors and contract administrators with mechanical and electrical services experience and knowledge, for the most technically advanced areas of building development.